Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every canvas is stitch painted by hand. This means that each canvas intersection is painted. This removes the guesswork and you know exactly what color to stitch and where to stitch it. 

We do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. 


June - August we will be shipping all orders one day per week or as stated otherwise. 


In-stock canvases will ship within seven days unless otherwise stated. Preorder canvases will have the ship time in the item description.  


Have questions? Please reach out to the owner/desginer Samantha Seibert,

We are not responsible for missing packages. After an item leaves our hands the package is the responsibility of the shipping carrier. 


If you are missing a package please follow up with your local carrier/office/neighbors, etc. for help on locating your package and filing a claim. 



Needlepoint charts are a very economical option for stitching!

Because an artist is not spending hours painting, digital patterns are offered for a fraction of the cost of a physical canvas.

The needlepoint charts show the pattern as a color graph and a stitch-view grid. The graph and grid is used to show what the piece will look like when completed and are used as a map to complete the piece.

You receive the pattern in a digital file which is emailed upon purchase. Our digital patterns come with 2 full color charts, each with a different view, a list of materials you will need to get started, instructions and fiber recommendations.

We are here to help! If you have any questions about NDLPT charts please feel free to email us: